I am so thankful for all the times that Dr. Brown has removed obstacles for me, for his continued healing touch, and his friendship.
Doug K., Minister

Only few people have a powerful gift of healing, and Dr. Brown is one of those people!
Joy R., Dancer

Dr. Brown is a master of chiropractic care. He made me better when I did not think I could get well. I am grateful for all the help he has given me throughout the years.
Jane L., Author

Dr. Steven Brown is an extraordinary chiropractor. In my opinion, he may well be the best on the planet! I have been adjusted by many other chiropractors, and no one compares to him. His caring, his understanding and his abilities as a healer are amazing. He is in a league of his own.
Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds Author, Producer

Dr. Brown is a very gifted chiropractor and is a calm and stable presence in an ever-changing world. He has treated me since 1990 for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Over the past 23 years, I have seen chiropractors all over the country, but I have never found anyone else whose mastery even comes close to his. He is the best.
Mark O., Software Designer

I have been seeing Dr. Brown regularly for six years. As a professional violinist, my body was a mess when I first went to see him: upper back pain, chronic tingling in my shoulder, jaw and wrist problems, tendinitis, almost daily headaches. After only one visit the shoulder tingling was gone, and within months the other problems improved drastically. Besides his amazing adjustments, Dr. Brown provided me with solid nutritional and postural advice. I am now playing 6-8 hours a day without pain.
Maia C., Violinist