You can always call our chiropractic office in Cambridge, MA at 617.492.0009 to schedule an appointment. If we are not available, just leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

To schedule, cancel, or reschedule an appointment online, please fill out the form to the right stating what you wish to do. We will call you to confirm.

Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, we will collect some information from you via phone or email – your name, phone number, insurance coverage (if applicable), and reason for your appointment.

Upon arrival, you will receive a form asking for more detailed information and a patient history. Although you do not need to arrive early to fill out this form, we do ask that you try to be on time.

Dr. Brown will perform a consultation and an examination. A recommended course of treatment will depend on the severity of your condition. A chronic condition may require two to three visits per week for a number of weeks. A minor condition may require one appointment per week.

There are three main stages to chiropractic care – Relief, Corrective, and Maintenance.

Many patients seek a chiropractor during the Relief stage, looking for acute pain management. The goal of this phase is to have you feel better as quickly and completely as possible.

In the Corrective stage, the doctor will treat the underlying causes that create an imbalance, discomfort, or pain. Chiropractic care at this stage will facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal and stabilize itself. A large percentage of healing takes place during this phase.

Once you are in the Maintenance stage of care, chiropractic will maintain the progress you have achieved, support ongoing healing and help prevent future health problems.